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Electric Toothbrush ( TB-1201 )

Electric Toothbrush ( TB-1201 )

Short Description:

● CE&FDA certificate
● OEM&ODM available
● Bristle Material:Dupont Silk
● Waterproof Design:IPX7 Level
● Special small brush head for children

Product Detail

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Product Name Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Model TB-1201
Weight 115g
Size 24.5cm*3cm*3cm
Operating Principle Sound Wave Vibration
Vibration Frequency The Highest 48000/min
Bristle Material Dupont Silk
Waterproof Design IPX7
Cleaning Modes Five Modes Of Cleaning.
Charge Mode USB Wireless Charging.
Input Voltage 100-240vc


1.Three kinds of sonic stroke speeds: 31000-41000-48000 powerful sonic strokes per minute
2.Five brush modes:advanced electronic controls& an electronic mechanical drive system offer you five brushing modes for varying oral care need.
3.Battery: Full charge lasts for up to 6 weeks of regular brushing. with Power Volume indicator.
4.Timer function: Two minutes auto-timer helps to ensure dentist recommended brushing time, with short pause per 30 seconds alert to change areas.
5.Five working modes:Clean, whiten, polish, massage, Gentle, Energy-saving patent motor, support extra long using time for 6 weeks

Brushing Modes

The toothbrush offers five effective brushing modes for varying oral care needs. Features a auto shut-off after two minutes of brushing.

●Clean--with up to 31 ,000 strokes per minute, exceptional mouth cleaning
●White--with up to 41,000 strokes per minute, removes microscopic plaque and bacteria left behind by other toothbrushes
●Polish--With up to 48,000 strokes per minute, 2X more plaque will be effectively scrubbed away so fast
●Massage -with up to 31 ,000 strokes per minute, strong to weak, weak to strong in a circle,gentle stimulation of gums
●Sensitive--with weak 28,000 strokes per minute, gentle cleaning for sensitive area.

Two Minute Auto- Timer

The sonic toothbrush is designed to reach the proven and best brushing timing. After 2 minutes of brushing, the device stops in 2 minutes automatically.

How To Switch Between Brusing Modes

1.Power On/Off and brushing mode button(C).keep pressing this button, the operating sequence is power on, in Clean mode then White mode, then Polish mode, then Massage mode, then Sensitive mode ,end power off. The device will tum off if pressing any mode over 5 Sec.
2.automatically starts in the Clean mode when pressing the brushing mode button once.
3.Starts from Clean mode, and switch to White, Polish, Massage and Sensitive by pressing on/off button different times. The device will turn off after Sensitive mode pressing. The toothbrush offers five effective brushing modes for varying oral care needs. Features a auto shut-off after two minutes of brushing and a dentist-recommended auto-alert when brushing the same area for more than 30 seconds.

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